Medical Debt Recovery with a Personal Touch

Why MediComm?

Collection agencies specialize in collecting money - which is their core competency. They can free up your staff and resources to focus on what you do best. Using a debt recovery agency is like having your own collection department, except you don't have to pay salaries, workman's compensation, vacations, health insurance, etc.

Proven Track Record

MediComm is simply an extension of your practice. When patients don’t pay their bills, we can help you with your cash flow. Each year, we help our clients minimize the cost of bad debt. These cost-beneficial results have been provided across a wide spectrum of disciplines, ranging from one physician practices to 100-plus physician groups. We will be pleased to provide you with references from Clients in your discipline.


MediComm has provided proven, quality collection services to the medical services community since 1988. All of our collectors, with a combined experience of over 160 years, knowledgeably observe the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act as it applies to all Federal and State law. We use leading edge technologies and training to ensure that collectors work most effectively and efficiently with patients to resolve debt problems.


MediComm protects the privacy of our health care providers’ patients by eliminating the flow of unnecessary protected health information (PHI) in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Through the implementation of HIPAA Agreements with all of our Business Associates we have secured the exchange of any and all necessary “Protected Health Information” (PHI) between MediComm and our associates, and we restrict access to unneeded PHI within the bounds of our own offices.

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